I’ve put too much time into Unity and now Godot for the amount of progress that I’ve made. My main worry is that my game will be no-where near finished in time if I continue with it on my own. Although I’ve gotten better at turning my game mechanics and ideas into diagrams for scripting, I’m still struggling to grasp the basics of turning the designed mechanics into a coding language. I feel like this may be due to the fact that my designs for randomly generating maps and events are a very complicated thing to learn to code, while also trying to teach myself to code with Godot for the first time.

I’ve discussed it with both Adam and James, to see what they think and suggest. I feel it’s more important to get a more finished product and work more in the areas that I’m familiar with, rather than struggle on with coding and let the areas I’m skilled at go by the wayside because I don’t have enough time. So going forward I’m moving back to Unity to work more closely with James and get his help and guidance as we work on what is needed step by step.

Ultimately I’m upset and annoyed at myself for not being able to do this on my own, but I feel this is the right direction to take it at this point in the project. I underestimated how difficult it would be to manage all of the tasks with such little coding experience. If I were to go back and do things again, I believe I would seek out closer guidance with the coding that is beyond my current capabilities, or right from the start work on a project with someone who is more comfortable and skilled with coding.