One of the triggered events in the game, while navigating the map, is the skill event. This is a text based event where the player is given some flavour text on what has happened to them on their journey. Then the player must pick which of their three skills to use for the event, based on the options that they’re given.

In order to make this mechanic, I’ll need a whole list of possible events, as well as their options and potential positive and negative outcomes. I started listing them all on paper, along with possible tweaks or trigger and and variables that could affect them.

Some of the event notes


Once I felt I had a large enough, complete list, I arranged them into an organised table. This shows the text description of the event, which will be shown to the player. The Skill options that they can choose from (Mind, Power, Agility). And then what the success or failure outcomes are and whether they gain or loose any resources.

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 18.25.57.png
Some of the possible events