I have been learning and practicing the ways of Hexels in order to learn how to generate isometric and pixel art, sprites and assets for a game. I know that I want my game to be 2D, so these visual styles are a good starting point.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 14.07.41

Isometric art is something I’ve never created in a digital format for a game before, it’s difficult to jump straight into as a starting point. So I decided to stick with something basic to begin with, creating a minimalist human body.


For I first attempt I was pleased with the end result. There is not a lot of detail or complexity to the piece, but the was the initial intention. I found that despite the lack of detail, it its still recognisable as a person, and there is still a sense of scale and lighting achieved with very little detail.


I then tried a more complicated landscape/scene piece. It helped with getting an idea of how to create a larger scale assets with the isometric style, but I don’t thing with works with a landscape piece. I’m not happy with it overall, I find the colour too saturated and the shading/lighting isn’t complete so the art looks flat. But I feel like I have learnt from it and achieves a better understanding of the program.


Title GIF

I also created a quick mock up of a title screen for my final presentation of semester one, an animated GIF of the games name AWAKE. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 14.10.13

I created two versions of the word ‘awake’ in pixel style fonts of my own design, and the I created a static transition between them. This was intended to show the transition of the era/setting of the game and the themes of technology and science fiction.