To help visuals the mechanics and test prototypes of the game I started by creating a mock of the map in the game. The over head map seemed like the most sensible starting point as it the core gameplay mechanic that the other mechanics and features revolve around.

Rogue map

Here is the empty grid (7×5). I then created the tiles and icons that would fill the map. The four tiles as of now are; Blank tile, Mountain tile, Forest tiles and Town tile. I created additional icons to indicate how the game might look as the player progressed through the level.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 14.26.39The arrows represent the players movement (the route so far), the skulls represent a completed combat encounter, the dots represent a completed non-combat event and the ‘!‘ and ‘?‘ icons represent information the player has discovered about the level.Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 14.19.09




These are the final outcomes for my Map mock up. The grid map filled in how it may look mid play through, and the individual tiles for the maps random generation.

Rogue map-01
Generated Map Grid (with player movement)
Prototype Tiles
Prototype Tiles